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9856886493716 An Illustrated Catalogue of Tasmanian Mosses

An Illustrated Catalogue of Tasmanian Mosses

In Part 1 of An Illustrated Catalogue of Tasmanian Mosses, 37 of Tasmania’s mosses are meticulously illustrated with pen-and-ink drawings of shoots, organs and cells, mostly as viewed with a microscope or hand lens. The drawings combine scientific accuracy with artistry and, although intended for use with taxonomic descriptions of species already published in other works, each drawing comprises an artwork in its own right. The drawings are accompanied by a distribution map and altitude graph that summarise the occurrence of each species in Tasmania. Part 1 also includes an introduction to Tasmania’s moss flora, a brief history of collectors and collections, and an outline of the families and genera present.


Soft cover, spirally bound, 98 pp.

Price   $20.00