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9780646506364 Charles Darwin in Hobart Town

<em>Charles Darwin in Hobart Town</em>

Charles Robert Darwin was an unpaid, inexperienced gentleman-naturalist when he left England on HMS Beagle in the latter days of 1831.  Part of his learning experience was in Hobart Town during February 1836.  Here he undertook research, and made several excursions from the ship. He published little of his observations and thinking from his stay in Van Diemen's Land, and such material is now either dispersed or difficult to access.  This book assembles all relevant comment and notes, published and unpublished, and provides access to this material for the first time.
The first part of the book consists of papers presented at a special symposium held by The Royal Society of Tasmania (founded shortly after Darwin left Hobart) on 11 February 2009. This was to mark the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth, and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species.  The second part  offers annotated guides and discussion for excursions  based on those made  by Darwin whilst in Hobart.
Royal Society of Tasmania
Softcover  113 pages
Weight:  0.335g

Price   $39.95